Improving the lives of all people
through cancer research

Our Commitment to A Cure for All Cancers

The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund (aka The Baldwin Fun) has raised millions of dollars to fund breast cancer research at Upstate Medical University. And that research is paying off. The Research

Now, in addition to searching for a cure for breast cancer, the  Baldwin Family is supporting finding a cure for ALL CANCERS. They are now embarking on a $50 million campaign to help Upstate Cancer Center achieve National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation -  the gold standard for cancer programs.  It represents national recognition for innovative research and excellence in patient care.

NCI-designated cancer centers are recognized for their scientific leadership, resources, and the depth and breadth of their research in basic, clinical, and/or population science to tackle the most important problems in cancer research and treatment. NCI-designated cancer centers are sought by cancer patients for the latest advances in treatment, and by physicians and scientists dedicated to solving the mysteries of cancer.

The overarching goal of research conducted at the Upstate Cancer Center is to reduce the burden of cancer and improve human health through biomedical research and education, and to increase the critical mass of cancer research toward NCI designation. To this end, support is need to:

  • Hire nationally recognized investigators to support and grow cancer research programs at Upstate Medical University;
  • Grow cancer research programs through the pilot grant program, which supports research into new ideas;
  • Add infrastructure that serves cancer research, such as new equipment and drug libraries;
  • Enhance operation of cancer researchers; and
  • Support the educational mission of the Upstate Cancer Center.

Please join our efforts to help the Upstate Cancer Center achieve NCI designation, enabling it to dedicate significant resources toward developing research programs, faculty and facilities that will lead to better and innovative approaches to cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. I will call you within a week to schedule a time when we might discuss your company’s interest in supporting the health and well-being of the Central New York community.


Upstate Cancer Center By The Numbers

The Upstate Cancer Center serves patients from 22 counties. Since opening in 2014, nearly 19,000 cancer patients have been treated at the center and its satellites, including 2,500 children; it is the only facility in the region where children are treated for cancer and blood disorders. On any given day, more than 500 patients are treated at the center and Upstate’s satellite offices.