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As a business owner, we know you are bombarded with requests to sponsor events and support causes.

We understand you work hard to make your business successful, and deciding where to use your marketing budget is a big decision.

That’s why when you become a Corporate Sponsor with the Baldwin Fund, you can be sure that your business will not only be supporting one of the most important causes out there, but also that the public will see your business in a special way. Unlike many organizations, all sponsorships and donations to the Baldwin Fund stay right here in our Central New York community, so you can be sure your target market will see your business’ commitment to the larger fight against breast cancer and our own local community efforts in that fight.

There are several levels of sponsorship available through the Fund, including event sponsorship, fundraising leadership, direct research grant sponsor, and more. Complete the form below and we will work together to see how your business can be part of the life-saving research and endeavors we support.

You Can help Change Someone's Life!

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